About the Blog

The goal of this blog is to provide a go-to resource of recipes that can be made in a dorm room using a microwave, blender, sandwich maker, and/or crock pot. (A refrigerator/freezer, is also necessary.)

Although there are numerous cooking blogs targeted toward college students, many of these blogs tend to focus on topics such as eating on a low budget, eating healthily, or making easy meals. While all these things are definitely helpful for college students, this is not the focus of this blog. Rather, this blog focuses on:

  • Home-cooked meals 

(Hardly anything is pre-packaged. Yes, you can cook from scratch even in college.)

  • Commonplace ingredients

(You won’t have to go to an obscure grocery store to find food items.)

  • Creative use of cooking appliances

(A sandwich maker can cook more dishes than you might imagine.)

Cheap recipes are not a basis of this site, however, most of the recipes do not require expensive ingredients as most college students don’t have an exorbitant amount of money set aside for groceries.

Easy is not a basis for this site because home-cooked does not always equal easy, and easy is not always the most fun. Nevertheless, the recipes are easy enough to be made by anyone regardless of their cooking experience.

Healthy is not a requirement for all the recipes. Rather, the goal of the site is to strike a balance. Some recipes are quite healthy, while others are chock full of sugar, fat, and all that other delicious stuff. Every college student has to splurge once in awhile (especially during finals week!).

Adaptable is another concept for most of the recipes on this site. Sometimes, you just don’t have exactly what a recipe calls for, and who wants to take a trip to the grocery store at 11p.m. when all you wanted is a late night snack! Or maybe your paycheck doesn’t come till Friday (anyone relate) and you can’t purchase any more ingredients but you still want to eat?  Slightly adapting a recipe to fit with what you have on hand is highly recommended. That is how many of these recipes came about. Don’t let not having one ingredient stop you from trying a recipe. Better yet, try the recipe with something you do have that you like. If a recipe calls for bacon, but you don’t have any or don’t like it (I can’t image not liking bacon, but it happens…) substitute ham, or turkey, or chicken, or just leave it out all together. You get the idea…

Lastly, most of the recipes on the blog will include a recipe size that will only feed one-two people or than can be frozen or refrigerated for later. Most college students are primarily cooking for themselves…unless they make something extra delicious and it just happens to attract people to their room…and they decide to share…

Just because this site is targeted to college students doesn’t mean anyone who isn’t in college can’t visit the site. Even after college, who doesn’t want to cook using a crock pot or a blender on those warm summer nights when it is a pain to turn the oven on? Basically, anyone can use the recipes on the site, but for those students who don’t have as many options, hopefully you will find the recipes especially helpful and enjoyable! Happy dorm cooking! Get creative!

*****All of the main recipes on the site are originally created. If they are the same as any other recipe, it was purely accidental. The recipes under the “Adapt-a-Recipe” section, however, are the exception. These recipes are purposely adapted from other people’s blogs, cooking magazines, or cookbooks. The recipes include some tweaked ingredients, and credit is given to the source, but, the main point is to take an already existing recipe and find a way to cook it in a dorm room.


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